Hi, I'm Channing Hinton!

Hi, I’m Channing. I’m a true designer at heart. I design both professionally and in my spare time with an extensive 20 year portfolio to show for it. My true passion is teaching design, conducting design discovery, uncovering the immense potential of a great idea or a great designer and turning that potential into a reality. I’m a natural systems thinker, I love to reverse-engineer a concept and figure out what makes it tick, then think of ways to make it better. I love to find the simplest and easiest repeatable solution to a problem. Not just a product, but a natural human habit facilitated by a tool that enables personal change and ultimately societal growth.

Online Account Opening
Early in my career at VyStar I was tasked with joining the company’s first agile team in a brand new department as the embedded UI Designer.  Our task was to redesign the online account opening/new member experience.
Integrity Design System
The Integrity Design System was mostly built out of necessity. As a designer, you can build and design whatever you want….but as a UI/UX designer you have the extra weight of efficiency and consistency. You cannot design what cannot be built. So Integrity was born.
Ingenuity Orthodontic Marketing
If I could sum up my 5 years of experience with Ingenuity Orthodontic Marketing in a single word, it could only be trailblazing. I learned in that 5 years how to turn a constant supply of lemons into lemonade I’m incredibly grateful for that experience.
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